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[2009년 1월 14일] broken eggs..
 써니  | 2009·01·15 16:50 | HIT : 5,536 | VOTE : 944 |
i broke 8 eggs at the same time unfortunately.

i opened the refrigerator to fry an egg for my breakfast in this morning.

however i missed an egg box and fell it out of my hand.

i was very embrrassed and felt not good.

i cleaned the kitchen and told host on sudden situation.

i went to school hurriedly.

there is no breakfast and no pack of lunch.

i was so gloomy.

i made a trouble with host everyday.


another host who is host of my friend invited some korean teachers.

so my friends and i went to the downtown to find the korean market.

and we bought some ingrediants to cook koreans foods.

white steamd rice, kim-chi, pork, some side dishes...etc.

even though we are not expert to cook, evrybody really enjoy that.

the host is indian and he promise to cook some indian foods for us next time. be continued. bye~

* 써니님에 의해서 게시물 복사되었습니다 (2010-04-30 10:27)
강순숙 뭐라는건지 원.........어쨌든 잘 지내고 잘하고 오길 바란다.

09·01·15 22:58  

써니 kang teacher~~~!!! ^^;
how's it going?
your reply was so so so funny. *^^*
thanks~ have a nice day!

09·01·16 02:18  

실크로드 어쩌다 박스째 떨어뜨리셨는지...ㅋ
저도 그럴때가 있었답니다.
깨진 계란은 뒷정리가 더 힘드셨겠어요.
밥도 못드시고 기운 없으셔서 저절로 우울해지셨겠다.
인도 아저씨가해주신다는 인도 요리는 드셨나요?

09·01·20 19:16 삭제

김태양 애니왜이...
샘이 가장 잘 쓰는 영어단어죠잉~!ㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ

10·06·20 10:58 삭제

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