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[2009년 2월 3일] my short conffession & oath
 써니  | 2009·02·04 04:49 | HIT : 5,189 | VOTE : 954 |
time gose by so quickly.

English was only the language for me before i participated this program.
however, i could get many things through this unfamillar language.
i met very wonderful teacher who encouraged me all the time in spite of my poor english. and i made friends with lovely people who stimulated me to study hard.
now, i've finished whole course of 4 weeks training program.
it's so intensive but i got certificate finally and fortunately.
besides i got A+ score. ha ha~~ ^^;

anyway, i'm very proud of myself.
because one girl, who didn't like to study English in her school time, took the English class in the U.S.A. with her high school English teacher.
that girl, who was very shy also, is just me.
but i'm changing little by little through this opportunity.

i know, there is no end to the study and i should study through my whole life.
if so, i'd like to willingly and joyfully study what i have to know.

special thanks for my friends, Jay & Ramie, who guided and led me all the time in the U.S.A.
i was so happy to be with you guys. ^^
i won't forget these memories. ^^

it's time to restart my daily-life in Korea.
Good luck to me!!!
* 써니님에 의해서 게시물 복사되었습니다 (2010-04-30 10:27)
Ramie Oh, you're very diligent. your diary makes me happy.
I enjoy it everyday. and thank u so much.
Why don't we meet mext week?
See you~

09·02·05 13:47 삭제

써니 hi~ Ramie!! ^^
i'm glad my diary makes you happy.
and i'm happy to get a hearty supporter who read my diary also.
how about next friday?

09·02·05 15:15  

전혜순 써니야 ~~금의환향 축하하구 I am so proud of you!!! 맞는지 모르겠다만 ....ㅋㅋㅋ

09·02·05 22:53 삭제

  [2009년 1월 21일] inauguration of new president! [3]  써니 09·01·22 4596
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