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[2009년 1월 25일] sudden emergency from San Fracisco
 써니  | 2010·03·19 10:06 | HIT : 3,821 | VOTE : 893 |
last weekend i went to San Francisco.

i remember that bright told me about crab at the fisher man's wharf in San Francisco.

whenever she mentioned her experience, i used to imagine the situation.

so, frankly speaking, i really wanted to eat crab rather than see the golden gate bridge. ^^;

wow! it was really delicious with some beer.

i thoutht that her feeling was like mine.

as the time to go back, i bought 6-pack-beer in liquor shop.

however, suddenly i got an emergency due to 3 cans of beer on the way home. >.<;;

i really wanted to stand but i couldn't.

i had a kidney pain at the first and then I felt my spine go cold.

at last i had a backache.

i had to stop the bus on the high way.

fortunately the driver found Mcdonald a few minutes later.

thanks God...!!!

even though it was terrible experience, i want to eat crab with beer agin. ^^;

  [2009년 1월 6일] 써니 미쿡 가요~ [3]  써니 09·01·06 4133
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