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[2009년 1월 21일] inauguration of new president!
 써니  | 2009·01·22 10:25 | HIT : 4,672 | VOTE : 946 |
when i was going to school yesterday,
my host started to record the inauguration speech of Obama.
she told me new president very carefully at first.
because it's a kind of personal conversation like a political belief or support.
however, she really waited this day.

she said that Gorge Bush destroyed everything in the U.S.A.
especially economy is very serious problem.
i thoght that America was very powerful and rich country.
so i thought that they didn't need to obtain a loan from foreign country.
however, Bush contracted a loan for the war of Iraq and Afghanistan.

therefore Americans have to pay a debt as a high tax.
and their child and their grand child will have to pay it also.
she was really upset becaose of Bush's stupid policy.

almost American want to change and make a better place.
and they believed that Obama could rebuild a previous reputation.

anyway, the inauguration was very impressive to me.
i felt like a festival.
especially, the inauguration was the right day after Martin Ruther King's day.
i thought that it was a already new step for the new world and better place.

very interesting!

* 써니님에 의해서 게시물 복사되었습니다 (2010-04-30 10:27)
실크로드 울 써니님 영어일기도 멋지게 잘 쓰십니다.
덕분에 저도 영어공부도 하고 좋네요.
미쿡에 계시니 취임식분위기를 더 잘 느낄수 있으셨겠죠.
써니님 생각대로 새로운 세상을 향한 첫걸음이니 저도 마음으로 축하와 기원은 했답니다.

한국은 구정을 앞두고 있어서 조금 분주한 분위기입니다.
용산에서 불행한 일도 생기구요.

어수선한 시기에 미쿡에 계시고
또 주말엔 샌프란씨스코에 가신다니 부러움 가득입니다.

여행 잘하시고
멋진사진도 많이 찍으시구요.
여행사진 보면 더 반갑던데 .. 많이 올려주시구요.

09·01·22 19:43 삭제

심랑 미쿡에 간겨?
조아 능력 짱! 써니.. 건강히 지내다 오려 무라..
생존 영어에 익숙한 이 언니는 읽기도 버겁네^^

i'm going to jeju this week(24)
but sunny not be
i' very sad.
this trip is gold miss meeting.(my limeted)
sunny ~~
happy new year

이 영어는 쨍쨍식 영어도 아니고...
심랑식 영어니 알아서 해석 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
제주가면 너의 얼굴을 보려고..건강해

09·01·23 10:05 삭제

써니 hi~ simrang sister~~ ^^
what's up? you're always happy. aren't you?
anyway, are you gonna go to jeju this weekend?
oh~ cool!
take care & happy new year also!

09·01·23 13:47  

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