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[2009년 1월 19일] i went to San Diego...
 써니  | 2009·01·20 12:52 | HIT : 4,155 | VOTE : 939 |
i went to San Diego on last weekend.
it was short but fun trip.

the first picture was taken at the sea world in San Diego.
the sea world is a kind of amusement park.
especially it was theme park for sea animal.
i saw killer whale, sea lion and otter show.
it was very impressive that make me think about earth and environment.

the second photo was taken by myself at the sea port.
i set a timer and pose for myself. :)
however the backlight was so bright.

anyway the most memorable thing was to be with my friends in there.

today is holiday of Martin Luther King Day in the U.S.A.
so i had no class but the war will start again from tomorrow....

see you!

* 써니님에 의해서 게시물 복사되었습니다 (2010-04-30 10:27)
전혜순 그런 홀리데이도 있구나아. 전쟁은 무슨 전쟁?? 일체 유심조이니라. 마음 먹기에 달렸잖아? 이젠 적응도 됐을 만 한데 뭐 . 너의 포옴이 상당히 세련되어보이는구나. 써니는 역시 폼생폼사!!!

09·01·20 15:36 삭제

실크로드 샌디에고는 비교적 먼거리인데 다녀오셨군요.
샌디에고는 날씨가 아주 좋은가 봅니다.
써니님 귀엽고 멋진 포즈로 사진 찍으셨네요.
건강하고 이뻐보이십니다.
어느덧 2주가 흘렀군요.
연수 잘 받으시고 좋은결과 얻으세요.
잘 해내시리라 확신합니다.

09·01·20 19:09 삭제

비체 너무 동해번쩍 서해번쩍 아냐??
샌디에고 시월드엔 샤무쇼가 최고던데...
덩치 큰 샤무들이 어찌나 귀엽던지...
몸건강히 잘 지내다 오려무나...
혹시... 샌프란은 안가??

09·01·21 17:19 삭제

써니 that's right!
the shamu show was the best in the sea world.
maybe..i'm gonna go to San Fransisco on this weekend. ^^
see you~~

09·01·22 10:10  

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